2022 AIM TESTING DATES, PIANO MARVEL Video Competition, etc.


JAN. – FEB. = AIM THEORY & EAR TRAINING at Mrs. Normans Studio (Completed by Feb. 15)

AIM TECHNIC & SIGHT READING: FEB. 4 (Level 8) FEB. 5 (Levels 1-6).

AIM PERFORMANCES: MARCH 4 (Level 8)-MARCH 5 (Levels 1-6).   

FEBRUARY 27, 2022 VIDEOS are sent to – FREE PIANO MARVEL Solo, Ensemble, Concerto VIDEO Festivals (See http://www.youtube.com – SEARCH: cheryl norman piano – Channel – Videos) 



Curriculum –  Piano Performance, Technic (finger articulations, wrist & arm gestures), Theory, Sightreading, Ear Training, Composition, Music History-  + ENCORE Solos, Ensembles & Concertos — Utah Music Teacher’s Association – 10 Level Achievement in Music Program.IMG_2854

Books – “Scales ‘n Stuff” by Jane Calder;  FLASHCARDS;  Older students: Alfred – Complete Book of Scales, Chords, Arpeggios, etc.;  HANON – 60 Virtuoso Exercises; Music Series & Repertoire Books. PIANO ADVENTURES by Faber & Faber, etc. APPLAUSE I & II (Olsen) TheoryFundamentals of Piano Theory by Snell and Ashleigh, & AIM Level Black Binders;

*** Tuition will be the same for each month (3, 4, or 5 weeks of lessons) in the month- due first lesson of each month.   Payments: VENMO: Janice Cheryl Norman or check to: Cheryl Norman 

FEES, FESTIVAL, and AIM Registrations FEES are all due in October:  

Fall Registration–$30.00 per family (Recitals, Tuning, Technology , Trophies, Xeroxing, etc.)  

Piano Explorer Magazine – – – $7.00    per family

PIANO MARVEL FESTIVALS – -FREE  – Each event, Solo, Ensemble, Concerto.

ENCORE  Festivals – – – – – – – $15.00 – (Ensemble – $15.00, Solo – $15.00,  Concerto – $15.00)  

AIM (UMTA) – — – – – – – – – – $25.00 – Fall, Winter, Spring Testing—all students ($30.00 Summer Testing)

UMTA State Concerto – – – – – $30.00 – Feb.(Winners-Assembly Hall-SLC)

  • http://www.pianomarvel.com = Students sign up SASR (Sightreading), Rhythms, Technic, & Repertoire 
  • COMPOSING notation software – http://www.musescore.org (2.0=Free) Write compositions on paper then transfer to the software.  UMTA-MTNA Composition Competition-Fees Due before September 1 with 3 Copies of Original Composition and 3 CD’s or Tapes of Performance of Original Composition  (Fees vary annually)       

Daily PRACTICE of Assignments: Beginners – ½ hr./day.    Levels 3-6–45 min./day;  Intermediate to Advanced—1 Hour–1 1/2 Hours/day.  Make a Practice Chart Calendar.  Praise and Rewards! 

***TROPHIES: 3 ways to earn a Trophy:  1) Student sight reads 100 songs (Hymns are best);  2) Solo Recital – Student performs 8 memory songs in a Solo Recital.  3) Practice 100 days in a row — assignments from lessons (3+ months).  Students who achieve all three will receive a large trophy!

*** Performance & Recitals – Performing is a skill! TEN performances before Festivals & Competitions at neighbors and friends will help students perform their best.  Music is the art of Listening.  Attend concerts, and listen to the songs they are learning on YOUTUBE or CDs.

*** PARENT-Teacher Conferences. Parents/students make a Practice Chart on Bulletin Board and mark daily practice. Praise and Reward students for consistent practice.   Give positive, constructive tips to your child.  Parents may attend a student’s lessons–especially for beginners. 

     I have been so impressed with the great amount of care and time that parents invest in their students which inspires our musical journey together!                      

Cheryl Norman

cherylnorman.nctm@gmail.com    www.utahmta.org & www.mtna.org

UMTA Student Chapter (www.utahmta.org) annual for Student Teachers–Download Application, Fill out and Send with Fees to:   Sandra Preysz, 2174 East Lonsdale Drive, SLC, UT 84121