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Cheryl Norman: Piano Instructor of Individual & Group Lessons  

IMG_2849 Chantay

“Music uplifts, restores, enlightens, comforts and heals the soul. It bridges all barriers of people and cultures–it is an ambassador for world peace.”

If the music is HARD, do a little bit at a time, or get an easier song. If you Eat, Drink & Sleep MUSIC, you’ll thrive learning Music you LOVE to play for others in many venues, & even be in College Prep “Achievement In Music” and other programs.  MUSICAL FRIENDS get together in Group Performances, Duets, Ensembles, Concertos, Games, and General instruction. You can even become a COMPOSER!

PIANO MARVEL: a program in a room with 4 KEYBOARDS LINKED TO 4 LAPTOPS. IMG_3523
SPECIAL FEATURES: Sightreading skill-building, Method Levels 1-6, Thousands of songs = Popular, Classical, Holiday songs, Jazz–you name it & it’s there.

Northern Utah County, Utah:



 image2012 CN Piano Planetarium-Tapachula - Copy

707IMG_2726A-15 9-14CAM00338

Guatemala and Mexico – Recitals by Cheryl Norman AND some of her UTAH students who travel down with her. Keyboard Donations with Musical Training for local students.  Want to learn SPANISH & TRAVEL?

Cheryl travels each August to Guatemala and Mexico with her Archaeologist husband, V. Garth Norman.  Piano teachers in the region assist and help train teenage students, who in turn help teach the beginning students who receive electric keyboards from her Humanitarian Music program.

Master Teacher Theodor Leschetizky Newcomb states: “To play well you must have love for all the world.  One must smile in his soul.  You can conquer the world with rhythm and beautiful tones. . .You carry in you a rich, warm musical sensitivity. . . There is energy and rhythm in it. . .Never cover up the top [Melody] when it has something to say. . .Good pedaling, good style, good taste all depend for the most part on listening to your own playing.  This in itself is a means of attracting many emotional qualities.”

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